Gooseneck is a type of LED desk lamp that is very popular. This tool appears on study or work desks because of its flexible characteristics. This electronic is not so expensive, and you can adjust this tool in various ways; not just the brightness level, but also the position of the lamp. You can twist it, turn it all the way around or bend it as you like to provide better lighting adjustment.

Gooseneck lamp actually not only appears as desk lamp, but also floor lamp and even wall mounted lamp. However, the flexible desk version is clearly the most popular model. Gooseneck flexible desk lamp can be bought at various stores, but just like other goods, you need to choose this electronic carefully before buying one.

Choosing the Bulb Type

Flexible desk lamp with gooseneck model comes in varieties of bulbs. While LED bulb desk lamps are very popular, there are stores that still sell gooseneck desk lamps with fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, with fluorescent becomes the most commonly found model. Each of these bulb types has different characteristics. Incandescent bulb has yellowish light, fluorescent and LED usually have white lights, but LED has more usage life than fluorescent despite its more expensive price.

It is best if you choose flexible desk lamp with fluorescent bulb if you have medium budget for room or office improvement; it presents quite long usage time (although not as long as LED), but with more energy efficiency than incandescent bulb.

Gooseneck flexible desk lamp has various types of materials. Modern models are often made of steel or chrome, while the antique one is made of brass. There are also cheap desk lamp with polymer base and gooseneck, so it depends on your budgets, how long you will use it and how you will use it based on your work.

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Choosing the Adjustment Features

Make sure you choose the proper adjustment systems for your flexible LED desk lamp. If you must do constant adjustment, for example, choose this electronic that has multiple brightness adjustments. If you rarely use it and feel enough with the light, choose the one that only has on/off options. If you want to be more energy efficient, choose flexible desk lamp that has dimming option. There are now new types of flexible desk lamps that have touch sensitive adjustment features as well as cordless type.

Choose the desk lamp that suits your needs most by looking at those features.

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